Sports equipment is an expensive investment—one that pays off on game day. But you can’t get in the game if your gear goes missing.

With GoCodes Gear Tags, you can rest easy that if you (or your teen!) lose a pair of skates or skis, they’ll come right back to you. Each GoCode is a unique, web-enabled fingerprint that connects you to the person who finds your item through a secure, anonymous interface. When you lose an item, the person who finds it simply scans the GoCode with a smart phone or enters the code on the GoCode website. When they do, you get a text message alerting you that your item is found, while they are connected to our anonymous interface, where they can leave you a message. GoCode Gear Tags are super sticky and very durable, measuring 1.5 square inches or 1.5 x .75 inches. You can also use a Gear Tag fob to attach to laces, backpacks etc. There’s no personal information in your GoCode and all communications are safe and anonymous — you decide what information to share with the person who finds your lost gear.