No-hassle retrieval for your lost items.

The GoCodes system provides a simple, safe personal barcode that lets you retrieve your lost gear. Think of GoCodes as a trouble-free, web-based lost-and-found.

Simply tag your gadgets, luggage, or any other gear with a GoCode—a unique, web-enabled fingerprint—and if something gets lost, no problem! Your GoCode will connect you safely to the person who finds it.

The GoCode lost-and-found system is simple! Here’s how it works. When someone finds your item, they scan the GoCode with a smart phone. You get a text message that your gear has been found; they get connected to the secure GoCode website, where they can leave you a message.

US and International customers can shop online on our secure Amazon powered webstore where most orders ship same day.

Try it for free!

Try GoCodes for free! (No CC required, just provide an email address) It takes less than a minute! Just click here, and we’ll set you up with three printable GoCodes QR codes. Print them on a label or slip them in a fob—then tag your gear.

Upgrade your service by purchasing GoCodes from our Web Store. There’s never a membership fee!  The more you purchase the more benefits you receive.

Number of unique*purchased GoCodes 0 1 10 30+
Number of FREE uniquecodes* to print at home 3 5 23 Unlimited
Message board serviceon Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Membership Never Expires Never Expires Never Expires Never Expires
Email and Text Message Notification (if scanned) 90 Days Free Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Free shipping on all Go Codes products Yes Yes Yes Yes
Anonymous Messaging Yes Yes
Location map(if scanned) Yes Yes
Recovery servicefor lost items Yes
*Each unique code is assigned to one item (i.e.: your suitcase has a unique code, your smart phone has a unique code, etc. All your unique codes will be registered to your account.) Additional free gocodes apply to purchases made on the gocodes website only.