Next time you wrap up a gift for someone you love, why not include a GoCode? It’s the ultimate tool to protect cameras, phones, MP3 players, sports gear, camping equipment—and just about everything else! Make sure that if your gift gets lost, they can retrieve it easily.

GoCodes QR Code Labels Make Great Unique Gifts Each GoCode is a unique, web-enabled fingerprint that connects you to the person who finds your item through a secure, anonymous interface. When you lose an item tagged with a GoCode, the person who finds it simply scans the GoCode with a smart phone or enters the code on the GoCode website. When they do, you get a text message alerting you that your item is found, while they are connected to our anonymous interface, where they can leave you a message.

There’s no personal information in your GoCode and all communications are safe and anonymous—you decide what information to share with the person who finds your lost gear.

GoCode’s come in super-adhesive tags or in luggage fobs—both make great gifts!